Sani-Shield is patented spray and wipe antimicrobial surface care technology that cleans everyday organic soil and grime with the oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide and simultaneously shields surfaces with organ silane quaternary coatings that reduce the adhesion and build-up of dirt and grime for easier cleaning and protects surfaces against the growth of odour causing bacteria, mould and mildew stains. Sani-Shield is ideal for use around the home in Bathrooms and kitchens and commercially in Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Offices, and Public Facilities. Sani-Shield prevents the build-up of dirt, grime, foodstuff, soap scum, minerals, grease and oil - on tables, counters, appliances, sinks, tubs, tiles, toilets, taps, mirrors, office equipment, telephones, computers and more. The invisible barrier coatings are compatible with all disinfectants, and will make them more effective against bacteria, virus and fungi that are invariably deposited on high-contact surfaces in conjunction with everyday soil. This storage-stable, solvent-free spray and wipe product is non-toxic to users and is earth safe.


Cleans, Shields, and Protects surfaces in 1 Easy Step!

Sani- Shield